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Morningstar Karate of Surprise, led by Sensei Phillip LeGate

Sensei Phillip LeGate began his training in Surprise, AZ under Sensei Drake Sass.  The objective of training at Morningstar Karate of Surprise is to achieve personal transformation.  As karate-ka, we strive to continuously push forward in our understanding of our system and how it applies to life-protection.  We want our students, both children and adults, to think, move, act, and perceive differently as karate-ka. 

Sensei Phillip LeGate is dedicated to the continuation of Seito Matsumura Shorin-Ryu in Arizona.

Morning Star Karate has been in Surprise for over 14 years. Students are trained in Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu or just Shorin-Ryu.

Shorin-Ryu (Shoalin) was developed in Okinawa over 200 years ago by Bushi (warrior) Matsumura after he trained at Shoalin in China for 20 years.


Morning Star Karate is a great place for individuals and families to participate in the martial arts. Its great personal development at your own pace. Why not join and make some new friends while enjoying your own personal growth?



Sensei Phillip LeGate: 623-340-1938

Morningstar Karate of Surprise

15643 N Reems Rd Suite 107

Surprise, AZ 85379